SU-VLPR 2010: A Unique Opportunity for Scientific and Cultural Exchange

The VLPR Summer School 2010 brings together leading American and Chinese researchers and students in computer vision, machine learning, and pattern recognition. Set in Xi'an, China, the summer school offers a unique opportunity for scientific and cultural exchange.

The right time for scientific exchange: vision and learning

Both vision and machine learning have seen tremendous progress over the last few years. Increasingly, researchers in both fields are turning their attention to problems that blur the line between the two.

Become a part of this new synthesis with lectures and discussions from the best and brightest of both fields. Learn more about our speakers and school program.

The right time for cultural exchange: China and the USA

Not simply a series of lectures, the summer school also offers the chance to meet researchers from the U.S. and China in the city of Xi'an. As China emerges as a world leader, American-Chinese collaboration will be also grow - and VLPR 2010 is a chance to get started now.
Experience not just the academic side of China, but also the cultural and social side with Xi'an's wide array of attractions, both the very ancient and the very modern.